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Client: Creative Generation (for Oracle Attractions)
Skill: Laser Show design and Performance

Flying Pictures designed and operated the lasers for the two days of shows. (Working for our friends at Oracle) Oracle Attractions supplied and installed the lasers, and choreographed the Ball sequence. There were 5 x 12w RGB lasers along the stage wall, and a further 5 x 10w green laser in the roof truss point down to the dance floor. Each year, the most talented dancers, singers and musicians from Queensland state schools come together to stage one of the state’s largest performing arts events. More than 1500 students from across Queensland showcase their talent by starring in the professionally produced show alongside some of Queensland’s leading professional artists. Creative Generation – State Schools Onstage¬†aims to mentor and foster the next generation of performers and provides opportunities for them to work with and learn from professional artists. This annual entertainment event has launched the professional careers of many students who have gone on to star in theatre, television and musical productions. These include Sarah Bakker, who is currently realising her dreams starring on Broadway in New York as the world’s most famous nanny, Mary Poppins. The show featured:

  • a 600-voice choir
  • the student James Morrison Creative Generation Big Band
  • a 65-piece student symphony orchestra
  • 600 dancers
  • 35 featured vocalists.

Audiences were wowed by the dazzling display of some of the best young performing artists from Queensland state schools, spectacular special effects and performances by CGEN professional artists and mentors including world-renowned jazz musician and Queensland Music Festival director James Morrison and The Voice’s Luke Kennedy.